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Designer Biography/Cover Letter

Hey guys! Alright, in a nutshell...


 I'm a graphic designer who specializes in print and digital design with proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, namely inDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator.


I've actually worked in a variety of different environments on both small and large teams; in house and as a freelancer, and have no problem quickly adapting to my environment. I love places and clients that are willing to be collaborative, but, I also don't mind managing my priorities independently.


I would say one of my biggest strengths is my ability to wear many hats take on various responsibilities at any time. Aside from print and digital design, I also have experience in content management and content creation for social media and blogging platforms though video and photoshoots. Not only do I assist with the execution of the creation of content, but I also curate content streams for social media though platforms such as Olapic and Tailwind.


A few of my main focuses are free hand and digital illustrations, print collateral, photography, branding, email design, and social media graphics.


But basically, I'm always looking for new opportunities, especially in fast paced, strategic environments! Lets get together :)

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