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Amanda Lockwood

Tel: 443 365 6410



disclaimer: Use this reference section as a basic outline for terms of service. For terms and conditions that may be specific to the undertaking of your project, please always reference your service contract.




Lets Talk about our Long-Term Relationship:

Payment: The Designer accepts checks, money orders, and paypal as forms of effectively paying your invoice. All payments are due within 30 days of your invoice date. Invoices that remain unpaid risk incurring interest on every day they are late.

Client Rights: Upon payment of all fees, the following reproduction rights for all approved final designs created by the designer for this project shall be granted: Client to gain full transferable rights to brand identity, and the Client to gain full license to reproduce works completed for that specific project through commercial printers.

Terms of Ownership: The client shall be entitled to full ownership of all final artwork created during the project upon full payment of the agreed fee. All services provided by the designer shall be for exclusive use of the client for said project, other than for the designers personal promotional use.

Third Parties: The Designer reserves the right to consult with external creative professionals during the project process. Any third party terms and conditions will include full reproduction rights for the client. If additional costs arise as the result of contracting, the client will be asked for permission before preceeding with a third party. No project will commence on the assumption that third parties might be required for project completion. Third party resources, such as stock photography, are the financial responsibility of the Client. Such details will be finalized prior to project commencement, unless requested by the client at a later date.

Client Confidentiality: If any portion of a project or information relevant to a project is to be considered confidential before the project begins, the client must inform the Designer in writing before any work will commence on said project.

Indemnity Clause : The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the designer from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys’ fees and costs, but only to the extent caused by, arising out of, the work supplied by the designers.

Kill Fees: The client If at any point during the undertaking of a project the client and the designer agree to part ways and abandon the project, the client is entitled to the option of enacting the kill fee clause of their contract. Please reference your contract for details, ownership, and costs specific to your fee.

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